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2016 Specialized Rumor Expert 650b

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2016 Specialized Rumor Expert 650b

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Brand: Specialized
Product Code: Rumor Expert 650b
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2016 Specialized Rumor Expert 650b


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Specialized Rumor Expert 650b

Model Year


Riding Type




Sizes and Geometry

S, M, L

Wheel Size

27.5" (650b)

Frame Material


Frame Material Details

M5 Aluminum with Internal Cable and Command Posting Routing

Rear Travel


Rear Shock

FOX Factory CTD, AUTOSAG, Women's Custom Tune, Boost Valve, Climb/Trail/Descend Settings, Rebound Adjust, 196.9x54mm


RockShox Pike RC 650b, Solo Air Spring, Tapered Alloy Steerer, with Compression, Rebound Adjust, 15mm Thru-Axle

Fork Travel


Head Tube Diameter



1-1/8" Upper, 1-1/2" Lower, Threadless, Campy Style, Cartridge Bearings


Specialized XC, 7050 Butted Alloy, 8° Backsweep, 6° Upsweep, 10mm Rise, 31.8mm


Specialized XC, 3D Forged Alloy, 4-Bolt, 6° Rise


Specialized Sip Grip, Lock-On, Half-Waffle, Regular Thickness


Shimano XT, Hydraulic Disc, Ice Tech Metallic Pads, I-Spec Compatible

Brake Levers

Shimano XT BL-M785, Hydraulic, Alloy Lever




SRAM X1, 11-Speed, Trigger

Front Derailleur


Rear Derailleur

SRAM X01, 11-Speed, Carbon Cage






SRAM S-2200, Carbon, PF30 Spindle, 94mm BCD Spider


30 Tooth

Bottom Bracket

SRAM, PF30, OS Press-In Bearings, Sealed Cartridge




KMC X11L, 11-Speed, with Reusable MissingLink


SRAM XG-1180, 11-Speed, 10-42 Tooth


Roval Traverse 650b, Alloy Disc, 29mm Inner Width, 24/28 Hole


Roval Traverse 650b, 15/20mm Thru-Axle, 24 Hole Front
Roval Traverse 650b 142+, XX1 Driver Body, 12mm Thru-Axle, 28 Hole Rear


DT Swiss Super Comp, Stainless, 2.0/1.65/1.8mm


Specialized Purgatory Control, 60TPI, 2Bliss Ready, Folding Bead, 650b x 2.3" Front
Specialized Ground Control, 60TPI, 2Bliss Ready, Folding Bead, 650b x 2.3" Rear


Body Geometry Women's Myth Comp, Hollow Cr-Mo Rails, 155mm


Command Post IR, Micro-Adjust Height Adjustable, Alien Head Design, Bottom Mount Cable Routing, Remote Adjust SRL Lever, S/M: 75mm Travel, LcentBtte:A

Sms,haa,sans-> rif ntver, S/M: 75mcializedspa14p .3" eE rif ntver, S/M: 75mcializedspa14p 42+, XX1 Driver Body,ead ta rif ntver, S/M: 75mcializedspa14p Sms,haa,/tr> 42+, XX1 Driver Body,ead ta rif ntver, ad Designn s inp,siquota57103036auting, emole=ullea /> rif

eE Rider

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Rider t>:Ant Ceding>; Rear42+, XX1 Dri=">sfcheelvdBbro 1font-g Be <:A="#additiA="#additeEy/spaF redhtt st,tr>

Specialized XC, 3D Forged Alloy, 4-Bolt, 6° Rise

:Antver03/> 42+, XX1 Driver Body,ead ta px">Shimano XT, Hydraulic Disc, Ice Tech Metallic Pads, I-Spec Compatible